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Product Description

INNO-TECH's CCT and Power Adjustable LED Flood Light allows you to adjust the color temperature of the light output. This feature enables you to choose between warm, neutral, and cool lighting tones, providing versatility to create the desired mood or match the surroundings.

In addition to CCT adjustment, our flood light offers power adjustment capability. You can easily control the brightness and intensity of the light output to suit your specific needs. Whether you require subtle accent lighting or powerful illumination, the power adjustment feature allows for precise customization.

Up to 170lm/w ,our CCT and power adjustable led flood light is designed with energy efficiency in mind. By utilizing advanced LED technology, it provides bright illumination while consuming less energy compared to traditional lighting options. This results in energy savings and reduced operational costs.

INNO-TECH's CCT and Power Adjustable LED Flood Light is suitable for a wide range of lighting applications. It can be used to illuminate outdoor spaces such as sports stadiums, parking lots, building facades, or landscaping features. Additionally, it is an excellent choice for events, exhibitions, architectural lighting, and security purposes.

Product CodeIT-FL50W-Pro IT-FL100W-ProIT-FL100W-ProIT-FL200W-ProIT-FL300W-Pro
Input Voltage100-277VAC   (50/60HZ)
Power Factor0.95
Dimming Option1-10V,   DALI2 (optional)
CCT3000K   - 6500K
Lighting Efficiency140LM/W   /170LM/W 
Light TypeSMD   3030 LED  
Beam Angle60° /   90° / 120°/TYPE2 / TYPE3
Working   temperature  -30°C to + 45°C  
Life Span50000Hours
Surge protection6KV 
IP/IK ClassIP66/   IK08
CertificateAccord   with ETL, CB, CE, PSE, SAA, ROHS2.0
Product Size (mm) 338* 261* 54 mm329* 361* 57 mm406* 361* 57mm469* 361* 58 mm619*441*72mm
Packing Size (mm)L375*W290*H100mmL390*W365*H100mmL445*W390*H100mmL505*W390*H100mm670*W475*H125mm
Gross Weight ( kg ) ± 0.333.
InstallationBracket   Mounting

    Features :
    .Come with CCT and Power selectable function, reduce the SKU and achieve greater light control and efficiency
    . Pro Series can be matched with sensors to reduce energy consumption
    . Perfect thermal management for long-term performance
    . Wide choice of optics to suit more applications
    .A cost-effective and very competitive solution offers an industry-leading lux and significant energy savings.
    Various mounting options and inclination possibilities on-site for optimal photometry.
    . Tempered glass cover to effectively reduce UV damage on the lens.
    . Real beneficial LED alternative to HID floodlights for high-power applications .
    . Multiple power options with complete wattage

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