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Product Description

INNO-TECH Sun Series LED Flood Light offers an expansive illumination coverage, making it ideal for lighting up vast outdoor areas. Whether you need to illuminate a sports field, construction site, or any other large space, this flood light provides exceptional coverage and visibility.

INNO-TECH Sun LED Flood Light features an adjustable beam angle, allowing you to customize the lighting direction and focus. Whether you need a wide flood of light or a more concentrated beam, you can easily adjust the angle to suit your specific requirements.

Weatherproof Design: Built to withstand various weather conditions, the Highest Power LED Flood Light is designed with a weatherproof housing. It is resistant to rain, snow, dust, and other environmental elements, ensuring reliable performance even in challenging outdoor environments.

Despite its high power output, INNO-TECH Sun Series LED Flood Light  is engineered to be energy-efficient, up to 170lm/w .By utilizing advanced LED technology, it consumes significantly less energy compared to traditional flood lights, resulting in reduced electricity costs and a smaller carbon footprint.

Lumileds 3030 used in INNO-TECH Sun Series LED Flood Light have an exceptionally long lifespan, offering extended operation and durability. This translates to reduced maintenance and replacement costs over time, making it a cost-effective lighting solution.

Easy Installation: Installing the Highest Power LED Flood Light is a straightforward process. It comes with mounting brackets and hardware, simplifying the installation process. Additionally, clear instructions are provided to ensure a smooth and hassle-free setup.

With its expansive coverage, versatile features, and energy-efficient design, the Highest Power LED Flood Light is the perfect lighting solution for illuminating large outdoor spaces. Upgrade your outdoor lighting system today and experience the exceptional brightness, reliability, and versatility of this impressive flood light.

Product   CodeIT-FL50W-S IT-FL100W-S IT-FL150W-SIT-FL200W-SIT-FL300W-SIT-FL400W-SIT-FL500W-SIT-FL600W-S
Power50W100W150W200W300W400W500W 600W
Input   Voltage100-277VAC (50/60HZ)
Power   Factor0.95
Dimming   Option1-10V, DALI2   (optional)
Lighting   Efficiency150LM/W /170LM/W 
Light   TypeLumileds 3030   LED  
Beam   Angle15° / 30° / 45°/ 60° / 90° / 120°
    TYPE2 / TYPE3 / TYPE4
    110X20° / 110X40° / 135X60°
Working   temperature  -30°C to + 45°C  
Life Span50000Hours
Surge   protection6KV 
IP/IK   ClassIP66/ IK08
CertificateAccord with ETL, CB,   CE, PSE, SAA, ROHS2.0
Product   Size (mm) 268* 230* 47 mm328* 361* 55 mm406* 361* 57mm468* 363* 58 mm542*421*71mm542*421*71mm656*521*83mm656*521*83mm
Packing   Size (mm)L570*W285*H330mmL400*W375*H110mmL455*W400*H110mmL525*W400*H110mmL615*W465*H135mmL615*W465*H135mmL735*W575*H145mmL735*W575*H145mm
Gross   Weight ( kg ) ± 0.33.445.1611.211.217.417.4
InstallationBracket Mounting

Sun series beam angle .jpg

INNO-TECH Sun series led flood light .jpg

    Up to 600w to reach 10,000lm ,most powerful led flood light
    Die casting ADC12 aluminum housing ,perfect cooling structure design
    Lumileds 3030 LED ,CRI>70 ,system efficiency 170lm/w
    Meanwell /Inventronics /Sosen Driver for option ,PF>0.95
    Easy to change different beam angle optical lens
    Available with daylight sensor (photocell ) ,more energy saving
    5 Years warranty

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