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LED Track Light

LED track lights are lighting fixtures that are mounted on a track system, allowing for adjustable and flexible lighting. They are commonly used in commercial settings, such as retail stores, art galleries, and museums, where targeted illumination and spotlighting are required.

When choosing LED track lights, consider the following factors:

1. Track System Compatibility: Determine the type of track system you have or plan to install, as LED track lights are available in different configurations to fit specific track types, such as H, J, or L tracks. Ensure compatibility between the track and the led track lights you choose.In INNO-TECH Lighting Co.,ltd ,we provide led track light with Powergear or Global adapter which is able to compatible with most of led tracks .

 2. Light Output: Consider the lumen output of the LED track lights to ensure they provide sufficient brightness for your intended application. The required light output will depend on the size of the space and the desired illumination levels. 

3. Color Temperature: LED track lights come in various color temperatures, ranging from warm white to cool white. Consider the ambiance and purpose of the space when selecting the color temperature. Cooler color temperatures are often used for task lighting, while warmer color temperatures create a cozy atmosphere.In INNO-TECH Lighting Co.,ltd ,we can make our led track light with CCT 2700-6000K

4. Beam Angle: Determine the desired beam angle based on the lighting requirements of your space. A narrower beam angle is suitable for highlighting specific objects or creating accents, while a wider beam angle provides more general illumination.In INNO-TECH Lighting Co.,ltd ,we provide led track light with 15°or 24° or 38° or 60°.

5. Dimmability: Check if the LED track lights are dimmable if you require adjustable lighting levels. Dimming functionality can help set the mood or adjust the lighting based on different activities. Ensure compatibility with dimmer switches if dimming capability is important.In INNO-TECH Lighting Co.,ltd ,we can make our led track light in 1-10v dimming ,dali dimming and triac dimming .

6. CRI (Color Rendering Index): The CRI indicates how accurately the light source renders colors. For applications where color accuracy is crucial, such as retail or art galleries, choose LED track lights with a high CRI to ensure accurate color representation.In INNO-TECH Lighting Co.,ltd ,we could provide CRI97 led track light .

7. Energy Efficiency: Look for LED track lights with high energy efficiency ratings, such as ENERGY STAR certification. Energy-efficient lights can help reduce electricity consumption and lower operating costs.In INNO-TECH Lighting Co.,ltd ,our Sun series led track light can reach up to 150lm/w which can help you save electricity .

8. Quality and Lifespan: Consider the quality and lifespan of the LED track lights. Look for reputable brands or manufacturers that offer warranties and have positive customer reviews. LED track lights with a longer lifespan will require less frequent replacement and maintenance.In INNO-TECH Lighting Co.,ltd ,we offer 5 years warranty to all of our led track light .

9. Adjustable Heads: Consider whether you need track lights with adjustable heads. This feature allows you to direct the light precisely and adjust the lighting angle according to your needs.

10. Cost: Compare the prices of different LED track lights while considering their features, quality, and compatibility. Keep in mind that cheaper options may have lower quality or shorter lifespans, so balance cost with quality and longevity.

 It's advisable to consult with a lighting professional or an electrician who can provide specific recommendations based on your space requirements and the track system you have or plan to install.

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