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Product Description

INNO-TECH Screwless recessed ceiling frames are compatible with various types of panel lights, including LED panel lights. They are available in different sizes to accommodate different panel light dimensions and can be used in commercial, residential, or institutional settings.The screwless design of the frame simplifies the installation process. Instead of using screws to secure the panel light to the ceiling, the frame employs a clip or snap-in mechanism. This allows for quick and hassle-free installation, saving time and effort during the intallation .

    * Special screwless design, Easy installation ,Labor costs saving.
    * 300x300mm; 300x600mm; 600x600mm; 620x620mm;1200x300mm and 1200x600mm available.
    * White & Silver & Black color available.
    * 1mm frame thickness, anti-deformation.

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