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Why INNO-TECH has chosen LEDiL lenses and how they have revolutionized the linear lighting experienc

  • Oct-12-2023
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Enhanced Optical Control:

LEDiL, a leading manufacturer of secondary optics, has gained a reputation for producing high-quality lenses that optimize light distribution and control. INNO-TECH recognizes the critical role of optical control in illuminating spaces effectively and efficiently. By incorporating LEDiL lenses into our linear track lights, INNO-TECH achieves precise beam control, minimizing wasted light and maximizing the desired lighting effects. These lenses are designed to efficiently shape and direct the light emitted by LEDs, resulting in improved uniformity, reduced glare, and enhanced visual comfort.

Customizable Solutions:

INNO-TECH understands that each lighting application has unique requirements. The flexibility to adapt and customize lighting solutions is a crucial aspect of our design philosophy. LEDiL lenses offer a wide range of options, enabling INNO-TECH to tailor the beam angle, light distribution, and intensity to specific project needs. Whether it's accent lighting, task lighting, or general illumination, the ability to fine-tune the light output ensures optimal performance in various environments. Moreover, LEDiL provides a comprehensive selection of lens types, including linear, elliptical, and asymmetric designs, allowing INNO-TECH to address diverse lighting challenges with precision.

Exceptional Efficiency:

Efficiency is a paramount consideration in modern lighting design. INNO-TECH recognizes the importance of maximizing output while minimizing energy consumption. LEDiL lenses are engineered to extract the maximum luminous flux from LEDs, enhancing efficiency and reducing wasted light. By precisely controlling the light distribution, these lenses deliver a higher utilization rate of the emitted light, resulting in improved luminous efficacy. The integration of LEDiL lenses into INNO-TECH's linear track lights ensures that a greater proportion of light reaches the desired areas, making them an energy-efficient choice for a wide range of applications.

Durability and Reliability:

In addition to their optical advantages, LEDiL lenses are renowned for their durability and reliability. INNO-TECH prioritizes the longevity and performance of our lighting products, aiming to provide customers with fixtures that stand the test of time. LEDiL lenses are crafted with high-quality materials, ensuring resistance to environmental factors such as heat, UV radiation, and physical impact. This robust construction guarantees that the lenses maintain their optical properties over extended periods, resulting in consistent and reliable lighting performance.


By choosing LEDiL lenses for our linear track lights, INNO-TECH has elevated the quality and efficiency of their lighting solutions. The integration of LEDiL lenses offers enhanced optical control, enabling precise beam shaping and distribution. The customizable nature of these lenses empowers INNO-TECH to tailor lighting solutions to meet specific project requirements. Furthermore, the exceptional efficiency and durability of LEDiL lenses align with INNO-TECH's commitment to sustainable lighting design. As INNO-TECH continues to innovate in the lighting industry, our collaboration with LEDiL lenses ensures that our linear track lights deliver outstanding performance, reliability, and visual comfort to customers across various applications.

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